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Ring the bell and let the fight begin, we've got all of your boxing odds covered at Allpro. Of course you can always simply just pick the winner of the fight on the money line, but we provide you with many more options as well; over/under on the total number of rounds the boxing match will last, and will the fight go the distance or not, pick the round the fight will end, how many rounds will your fighter win, will there be knockout? Don't forget you can even parlay some of these outcomes for an even higher payout in the sportsbook

We have boxing lines for the entire globe and boxing world; the WBA, the IBF, the WBO, Friday Night Fights and numerous local bouts in many countries. In addition to boxing wagers we have complete coverage for Ultimate Fighting Championship wagering and other Mixed Martial Arts betting. UFC odds and MMA odds are offered daily on all divisions and weight classes. Each week quality matches are televised worldwide.

Ultimate fighting and mixed martial arts have grown explosively in popularity over the past 3-5 years. The new type of bout tends to lean towards the more realistic one on one confrontation that would occur in a real fight. Although there are some simple rules for safety like no kicking to the head, no holds barred is quite true incorporating just about every style of fighting including wrestling and submission holds.

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BOXING Odds and betting trends will be available soon.