Place your sports wagers for the 2014 BCS Championship odds at Allpro sportsbook. The BCS is a highly talk about setup that creates four bowl match-ups that setup the scene for the college football natinoal champion. The system selects eight of the best or top ranked teams within the college football polls, (NCAA Division I). The best 2 teams, (more specifially the top 2 ranked football squads) within the country get a chance to play for the National Title in one playoff game. This game is rotated between four college bowl games; the Rose Bowl, the Sugar Bowl, the Orange Bowl and the Fiesta Bowl. This was done to help unify one system of bowl games to decide one true national champion. However, this system isn't perfect and has led to many years of controversy as there are often 2 undefeated teams at the end of bowl season who many feel should play eachother to have an undisputed or undefeated champion.

The American Football Coaches Association votes to help determine which 2 teams will end up in the Championship game. Unlike the players competing in the Heisman Trophy odds, there is only one group casting votes for the award winner or selection. There is another college football poll or ranking system that is published by the Associated Press each week, and is often considered the more valid poll. This also creates controversy on who should be selected. Bringing much cloudiness and heated conversation to whom the top eight teams in the country are. It could be very clear for the #1 team if they are undefeated and stand alone as the only team with no losses. However there have been cases where seveal schools can make that argument, and it even gets more complicated when you start venturing down to the #4 or #8 team in the country.

This is what we live for though, a championship game to finish off the holiday season and then a few weeks of NFL football left and the Super Bowl.

Wager on the 2014 BCS Champion

  Team Odds  
  Alabama 2-1  
  Arizona 1000-1  
  Arizona St 2000-1  
  Arkansas 5000-1  
  Auburn 5000-1  
  BYU 1000-1  
  Baylor 25-1  
  Boise St 5000-1  
  Cincinnati 5000-1  
  Clemson 12-1  
  Florida 100-1  
  Florida St 12-1  
  Fresno St 300-1  
  Georgia 25-1  
  Georgia Tech 60-1  
  Iowa 5000-1  
  Kansas St 5000-1  
  LSU 10-1  
  Louisville 30-1  
  Michigan 20-1  
  Michigan St 5000-1  
  Mississippi 80-1  
  Mississippi St 5000-1  
  Missouri 300-1  
  Nebraska 2000-1  
  North Carolina 5000-1  
  North Carolina St 5000-1  
  Northwestern 100-1  
  Notre Dame 1000-1  
  Ohio St 11-2  
  Oklahoma 30-1  
  Oklahoma St 15-1  
  Oregon 5-1  
  Oregon St 5000-1  
  South Carolina 100-1  
  Stanford 12-1  
  TCU 5000-1  
  Tennessee 5000-1  
  Texas 5000-1  
  Texas A&M 75-1  
  Texas Tech 300-1  
  UCLA 25-1  
  USC 1000-1  
  Utah 5000-1  
  Vanderbilt 5000-1  
  Virginia Tech 500-1  
  Washington 50-1  
  West Virginia 5000-1  
  Wisconsin 1000-1  
  z Field 50-1  
  Alabama 65-1  
  Arizona St 1-1  
  Baylor 1-1  
  Clemson 1-1  
  Florida 1-1  
  Florida St 1-3  
  Fresno St 1-1  
  Georgia 1-1  
  LSU 1-1  
  Louisville 1-1  
  Michigan 1-1  
  Mississippi 1-1  
  Missouri 8-1  
  Northwestern 1-1  
  Ohio St 4-1  
  Oklahoma 1-1  
  Oklahoma St 1-1  
  Oregon 1-1  
  South Carolina 1-1  
  Stanford 1-1  
  Texas A&M 1-1  
  Texas Tech 1-1  
  UCLA 1-1  
  Virginia Tech 1-1  
  Washington 1-1  
  z Field 1-1  
  Auburn 7-2