Sugar Bowl Betting Lines

January 2, 2013 at 8:30 PM ET
O 51.5(-110.0) 
U 51.5(-110.0) 

Preview of Allstate Sugar Bowl Alabama vs Oklahoma

Fans of the Oklahoma Sooners and the Alabama Crimson Tide need to remember only one thing on January 2 in New Orleans: anything can happen.

The Allstate Sugar Bowl, held in the Mercedes Benz Superdome on January 2, will feature two of the greatest teams in college football history. As the Superdome pulsates with tens of thousands of red and white decked fans, this will be a game full of passion, skill and possibly surprises.

The Numbers are on Alabama.

Number three ranked Crimson Tide lost once, in the last seconds of the Auburn game. That missed field goal cost them the game, the SEC championship and the national title. Regardless, Alabama is favored. The Crimson Tide's 11-1 record, their Heisman finalist quarterback AJ McCarron -- who passed for over 2,500 yards and earned 26 touchdowns -- and their defense that was ranked 11th nationwide, are championship worthy.

But Oklahoma has a Chance.

The Sooners (10-2) only lost to Baylor and Texas, but upset Oklahoma State in the last minutes of the game. So, they're ranked at 11. This year, their running offense averages 235.8 yards per game and ranks 18th in the nation. Quarterbacks Blake Bell and Trevor Knight could ignite that Sooner magic on the ground and give Alabama another surprise ending.

Tradition Counts for Something

Between them, the Crimson Tide and the Sooners have 21 national championship titles and 70 conference titles. Oklahoma was recently named by College Football News as the Greatest Football Program of All-Time, while Alabama came in fourth in that same list. Yet, Alabama has won more bowl games than any college team ever. A recent ESPN poll showed a map of the United States, highlighting predicting the outcome of this contest. The only state confident for OU was shaped like a pan. While Oklahoma hasn't fought for a national title since 2009, and Alabama was hoping to earn four titles in five years, this game promises to be spectacular. Not bad for two teams who have only met four times. (And who won those four times? Mostly Oklahoma with a 2-1-1 record.)

Legendary Coaches Rule!

Bob Stoops has a 159-39 record and has won one National Championship and 8 Big 12 Championships and recently earned more wins that OU legend Barry Switzer. Alabama's Nick Saban has his own reason to crow: he's the second coach to ever win SEC championships at two different schools, (Bear Bryant was first) and the first coach to ever win national championship with two different schools. Combined, their trophy collections could probably fill a small house.

Sales Are Up!

The Alabama/Oklahoma game is the game to watch this post-season and it's showing in sales. According to Forbes magazine, ticket sales for the 2014 Sugar Bowl are up 20% and each ticket starts at $380, more expensive than they've been in five years. Fans, apparently, know the value of good football.

So will it be the Tide or the Sooners? Put on your crimson, cheer, and don't look away for a minute -- you could miss something amazing. The 2014 Allstate Sugar Bowl will defintitely be one to remember.

The Sugar Bowl Overview

The Sugar Bowl is one of the oldest bowl games in college football history, coming in second to the Rose Bowl. Its first game was held on January 1, 1935 at Tulane Stadium, at the Tulane University campus . The idea for the Sugar Bowl was first brought to attention in 1927. A sports columnist, and a newspaper editor proposed the idea, after wanting to mimic the format of the Parade of Roses, that goes on annually in southern California.

They believed that they too should celebrate their warm weather, and wanted a game similar to the Rose Bowl. After 8 years of struggling, it finally happened. Tulan stadium at which they were playing had been built on top of an old sugar cane plantation, and this is how the name "Sugar Bowl", that they still use today, had come about.

The Sugar Bowl continued without much controversy until the year of 1956. In that years game, Pitt star Bobby Grier became the first African American collegiate football player to break the color barrier, and he was playing against Georgia Tech. At that time, the state of Georgia was still opposed to integration, which is why this game was so controversial. Georgia Tech had won that game 7-0.

After that game the Sugar Bowl continued play at Tulane Stadium, until 1975, where it was then moved to the Louisiana Superdome (the home of many Super Bowl games) in New Orleans, Louisiana. In the year 2006, the game was moved to the Georgia Dome for just that year, because of the extensive damage done to the Superdome, by the natural disaster Hurricane Katrina.

Before the BCS collaboration and formation, the Sugar Bowl had normally hosted the Southeastern (SEC) champions, and then paired them up against a top tier top 5 opponent.

After the BCS gathering, the Sugar Bowl still has rights, and takes the SEC champions, unless they are to qualify for the National Championship game. If that is to happen, they will then get two other top tier teams, and choose one of those teams as the hos. The Sugar Bowl has been consistently known for decades as one of the most prestigious bowl games in the NCAA. It is among the top 4 BCS bowl games played annually, and is usually played on New Years day.

Over the last couple decades, the Sugar Bowl has changed sponsors. From USF&G Financial Services, to Nokia, and now Allstate Insurance. The Sugar Bowl is in a rotation to host the National Championship game every 4 years, which is another reason it is so attractive to sponsors. The current pay out per team in the Sugar Bowl is around 17 million dollars. The Sugar Bowl is a tradition in not only NCAA football history, but also in American history, Going strong for over 75 years, the Sugar Bowl will likely be around for many years to come.

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