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Pro Football NFL Sports Betting Lines

Add a bit of spice to your usual Sunday or Monday night Football game by using Allpro to place a football bet, we have all the up to date football odds giving you the best choice of betting before or during any of the NFL Football games. Feel the thrill of winning a few bucks or just by being on the edge as it comes to the end and you watch the clock run down.

At Allpro Sportsbook we do our utmost to bring you the best online Football betting experience you will find.

Any given Sunday an NFL team can step up and give us that extraordinary effort to gain that last inch to provide the thrilling upset, an amazing comeback win, or a highlight that will last in your memory for years to seal the victory as a player leads their team to the promised land with a spectacular athletic feat. At Allpro we love football and our players and cover down all on aspect of the game to provide you with online wagering experience that gives you all the football betting lines and football odds to cover the NFL Draft, the NFL pre-season along with numerous options for matchups that eventually lead to the holy grail, the Super Bowl.

Our NFL Odds are available all year round so you can place futures when the payouts are high and the lines are long. During the year we also have our NFL live betting which enables you to place NFL wagers during the football game. Not only can you bet on the over/under, the point spread or money line but you can place several wagers during the actual game as you standby each play and leverage your position or swtich it up and hedge if the momentum has taken a turn for the worse.

Fantasy football is huge and we also give you an opportunity each week to pick the top quarterback, top running back and top wide receiver. Furthermore our football lines for fantasy let you place bets on over/under totals for individual players across the league, or choose a running back or quarterback within a set of 5 who will have the best performance in their matchup this week.

We provide you with proprietary entertaining NFL point spread each week that provide additional flavor on where your team stands and what's happened in the League already.

When it comes to sports betting we want to be your Sportsbook of choice and deliver you a variety of options that can't be matched. We have an excellent comping program and just a weekend or two and you'll understand while you'll always bet with the pros!

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NFL Odds and betting trends will be available soon.
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