Don't forget to place your bets early for the best NFC Championship odds in the sportsbook. Another NFL season is upon us and with no clear favorite in the NFC Championship lines it should be an exciting race to see who ends up hoisting the Lombardi Trophy at the end of Super Bowl 46 in February. This is especially true when it comes to the NFC betting, where there are plenty of teams that you can make a good argument could represent the conference at the SuperBowl.

Here's some of the different talk and opinions floating around the NFL before the season kicks off:


Green Bay Packers have the best odds to win the NFC North- As the defending Super Bowl champions you have to give the Packers the benefit of the doubt. And why not: they have one of the best quarterbacks in the league with Aaron Rodgers and a stifling defense. Arguably, you are dealing with a team that has gotten better AFTER winning a Super Bowl title. A scary thought for their rivals.

Philadelphia Eagles- This is supposed to be the year that Michael Vick breaks out and leads his team to the Super Bowl. Add in some big name off season offensive and defensive moves and you have a team that is among the elite in the entire NFL and are the pre-season favorite to win the NFC EAST

Atlanta Falcons- Speaking of a team that may have a big breakout year, the Matt Ryan-led Atlanta Falcons hves been a popular Super Bowl pick among analysts. They have the tools and should make it deep in the playoffs, as long as those tools are able to come together.

New Orleans Saints- You can argue that last year's playoff loss against Seattle was a fluke. You play that game 10 times the Saints probably win nine of them. With Sean Payton and Drew Brees you have to believe that the Saints will be able to make a deeper run.

"Sexy” Picks:

Dallas Cowboys- Last year the Cowboys were supposed to be the first team to ever play a Super Bowl in their home building. We all know how that turned out. This year no one is picking them for anything, which may be exactly what this team, and especially Tony Romo, needs.

Detroit Lions- Some analysts are picking the Lions to make the playoffs this season, if not win their division and possibly a playoff game. While they have the tools needed to make a splash, a lot will depend on whether Stafford can stay healthy the entire season.


New York Giants- The New York Giants have made a habit of late season collapses, which is why they aren't picked to do much this season. With that said, if they are able to keep up their late season play they could be a team to contend with in the playoffs. If Eli Manning can put together a quality season throughout you better watch out.

Chicago Bears- Last year the Bears made it to the Conference Finals before losing a close game to the eventual Super Bowl Champion Packers. Though most people aren't expecting much from the Bears it may have more to do with a lack of respect than anything you will see out on the field.

Outside Shots:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- The Buccaneers were one win from a surprise playoff berth last season. While they probably won't win the NFC title this season you may see them steal a Wild Card from the big boys.

St. Louis Rams- As long as Sam Bradford stays healthy the Rams should be the team to beat in the NFC West. If Bradford puts up big numbers all season and Stephen Jackson is able to run at will, you may see a team that resembles the "Greatest Show on Turf" teams from last a decade ago. Maybe a few years from a Super Bowl berth, though.

2014 National Football Conference Champion Odds

  Team Odds  
  Arizona Cardinals 30-1  
  Atlanta Falcons 25-1  
  Carolina Panthers 20-1  
  Chicago Bears 15-1  
  Dallas Cowboys 30-1  
  Detroit Lions 26-1  
  Green Bay Packers 8-1  
  Minnesota Vikings 60-1  
  New Orleans Saints 13-1  
  New York Giants 24-1  
  Philadelphia Eagles 14-1  
  San Francisco 49ers 7-2  
  Seattle Seahawks 14-5  
  St Louis Rams 40-1  
  Tampa Bay Buccaneers 40-1  
  Washington Redskins 30-1